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New Facilities Update - July 2017 Clubrooms for the Secret Harbour Dockers Sporting Association Inco

For many years now the Secret Harbour Dockers Football and Cricket Clubs have been growing and developing and have become major sporting competitors in their respective sporting codes in the Peel Region. The only thing that these clubs have not had is clubrooms to call home - until now.

In 2017 both clubs will have a new home at the Golden Bay Sporting Pavilion that is nearing building completion by the Rockingham City Council. The new clubrooms will be a place that clubs will be able to call home and provide a community centre that will house the Secret Harbour Dockers Football and Cricket Clubs. This multi-million dollar facility will showcase a commercial kitchen, a sports bar that will be family friendly, amenities and a large function area to give the clubs and patrons a first class area to celebrate their achievements and provide a home for the Secret Harbour Dockers Sporting Community culture that has been in the area for many years.

To assist with operating the new facilities and ensure that both the current sporting clubs (Football and Cricket) run smoothly a new over-arching body "The Secret Harbour Dockers Sporting Association Incorporated" has been established with volunteers that are members of both clubs.

The SHDSA has been planning and developing the requirements to open these new facilities and have been regularly meeting for the past 12 months. Here are some of the board members.

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